About us

Labtronik is a company specialized in Industrial Services accredited to EN 9100 and ISO9001 whose product consists of the supply of equipment, assemblies and subassemblies that can be prevalently allocated in the field of professional electronics for Civil, Military and Space use.

Labtronik has basic skills to provide for the development and documentation of configured products; has specific skills for the industrialization of products developed by third parties.

Offers in the Industrial field Specialized services dedicated to the tangible improvement of the Business of its Customers, through the extension and support of the Customer’s capabilities in the civil, industrial, military and space sectors.

TECHNOLOGICAL FACILITIES. Labtronik has a proprietary Laboratory (already accredited by the most significant Finmeccanica companies), equipped with cutting-edge technologies in the electronic field.

SKILLS. Labtronik ensures full dominance of specialist skills for the supervision of best practice methods and techniques.

Main activities

  • Mechanical and electronic HW design & SW development

  • Reverse Engineering on Electronic complex cards

  • System Integration activity

  • Electronic apparatuses repairs (obsolescence)

  • Technical electronic field support

  • Distribution and sale of COTS Embedded products

  • Business IT